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Dec 9, 2013 6:00am PST
. >> uncaring. >> no political figure out more praise than first lady michelle obama. >> you can have one of these people as your next door neighbor. call it out. >> i want michelle obama. >> how many want michelle obama? i got four women all with hands up. >> hillary. >> you can't have both! >> none of them wanted president obama as their neighbor, but they wanted michelle obama. republican ad maker and susan page and fred yang and "the washington post" correspondent. dan, i want to start with you. it's not surprising the purpose of the focus group is to get context to the poor poll numbers and the poor reflection that clearly the public has for washington there. what was striking to me was the lack of not knowing what to do next. not knowing how to punish washington. >> that frustration has been out there for several cycles. once we got past 08 was a historic election and one in which people felt good about and maybe the country could turn a corner, what we have seen since then is polarization is worse than ever and the anger at washington is deeper than ever. i think part of this is relat
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am PST
remembering nelson mandela to dance and celebrate his life. michelle kosinski joins me now. me what you are seeing on the streets. >> there has been an endless procession of people here all day. since last night. young and old, black and white, many carrying flowers. the air has been full constantly with the deep reason ant sound of african songs. people are celebrating and also emotional. one elderly woman said thinking of apartheid making her sad. mandela saw a light and never switched it off. they are white and their children are black and they can give them a good and equal life. chuck? >> i know you will see so many. >>>s like that as you watch all of this celebration and remembrances that take place there. up next, we have a deep dive into the politics of apartheid. a history lesson from the 80s. you are watching "the daily rundown." >> there must be an end to white monopoly in political power. and a fundamental respect of our political and economic system. to ensure that the inequalities of apartheid are addressed in our society can be democrat. ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am PST
is slipping a lot about it. michelle obama said there was a new resource for counsellors and mentors. what can republicans do to grab that issue and try to make it part of their own? >> whether it's this issue or education more broadly or health care, i'm a republican and we have to speak to that issue and address student concerns. we will have different solutions than the democrats. one of the things that president obama and the democrats have done is talking about the issues that matter to them. i think that's something we need to do. you don't think a lot about the solutions. the president talked a lot about it. identifying solutions and talking about them. it's pretty important for the party if we are going to try to address one of the top concerns of the generation. >> i will get you out of here with this one. one of the things i found interesting is despite the president's approval rating, harry reid and john boehner have larger disapproval ratings. harry reid at 59% and john boehner at 75%. the president 54. senator, to you and mr. grayson after that. is it fair to say that th
Dec 10, 2013 6:00am PST
took the stage, you could hear the crowd booing. >> graca michel -- [ speaking foreign language ] the entire mandela family. >> the government is playing ten days of tributes to nelson mandela. sunday was the national day of prayer. for the rest of the week, mandela will lie in state in pretoria, where he was originally tried and sentenced to life in prison. he'll be buried in the small rural town of his ancestry on sunday. the events over the next few days will cover more than 600 miles and it starts with today's memorial in soweto. mandela's casket will travel to pretoria and friday will be buried 555 miles south. i'm joined lester holt in south africa. lester, paint the picture what's going on there now. and how did folks brave the elements so far? >> well, chuck, first of all, forgive odd-looking microphone. i'm told it's the best way to deal with the very loud sound over here. i know it looks a little weird. anyway, this is about to end. it's gone on for about four hours. thft, i think this is the closing song. it has been a stirring tribute. it was not a capacity crowd as
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4